Coastal Clouds is the music project of Roberto Rodriguez, who works and lives in Santa Monica, California. R. Rodriguez moved to California after college and started to develop his new sound in the West Coast. Residing in LA, R. Rodriguez took studio internships, worked commercial/TV production gigs and played shows around town (Silver Lake, Venice, Hollywood, Pasadena) until he was able to get his debut solo effort produced by Billy Mohler a few years later. Billy Mohler also brought his tasteful bass and drum arrangements to the table that are found in the Nothing to Hide EP.

Billy Mohler and Aaron Smart decided to start their own record label in 2016, MAKE Records,  and signed Coastal Clouds as the first project on their label. Since then, Coastal Clouds released the new, Nothing to Hide EP.  It features mostly clean instruments and mellow vocals that may reverberate some Neil Young / John Lennon vibes.

“Nothing to Hide” has been described by

“ — In this cut, Coastal Clouds give us a smooth surf rock serenade — very much Beach Boys through a modern filter — with maybe a touch of reverb on the vocals.” 

The new Nothing to Hide EP is out now and the singles “Nothing to Hide” and "Slow Rider" have been placed on Noon Pacific’s playlist of the week, featured on EARMILK, Ear to the Ground, Blah Blah Blah Science, The Daily Listening, Indie Music Nation and a few other music blogs...